What does New Normal mean? Tierra del Lagarto

What does New Normal mean?

One of the more ridiculous things I did during quarantine - setting up a fantasy textile filled rickshaw photoshoot in my yard! I have been urging...

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Silk Ikat - A Love Story Tierra del Lagarto

Silk Ikat - A Love Story

One of our favorite textile shipments just arrived in the store - Silk Ikat pillows! Learn about the processes and cultural background of the vibra...

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Furniture Shopping in India Tierra del Lagarto

Furniture Shopping in India

Furniture shopping in India involves patience, endurance, the ability to suspend disbelief, and of course a true love for the hunt.  These are lon...

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Back in Turkey

We have had a very busy first couple of weeks in Turkey - and it's been a wonderful blur so far. With less than a week to go I thought it's about ...

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