A Guide to Using Faux Plants and Succulents At Home

The one thing we sell every single day here at TDL is faux succulents and plants.  Even on the slowest summer days, when hardly a soul ventures out into the inferno of June or July, we still bag up bouquets of echeveria, sedum, and bromeliads.  Now, we didn't always carry so much faux foliage - on the contrary!  When we first opened way back in 1991 fake plants had a terrible reputation - and for good reason - they were horrible!  Silks and plastic plants that brought to mind doctors waiting rooms and your great aunt's ivy draped etagere - they were odd colored, flimsy, and just plain unreal looking. 
Sometime in the last decade, however, things started to change.  Faux plant manufacturers took note of the cactus and succulent trends in modern home design, and began creating replications of the nursery staples that don't thrive indoors.  Since so many actual living succulents look downright fake in real life, their faux doppelgangers made perfect sense! 
From there we noticed that scale started to creep into the foliage forgeries; no longer were fakes kept to flower pots and trailing vines - dramatic trees and abundant bushes became available.  Towering fiddle leaf figs, lush scheffleras, verdant rubber trees, and more started to appear looking so real, we heard from many happy customers that their spouses unwittingly put them on the weekly watering schedule at home.    
We have literally thousands of faux plants in stock at TDL - and are just starting to get more online.  We love to incorporate found items into our custom arrangements like rocks from the desert, seed pods, and other organic drieds. 


We receive new shipments of plants every two weeks, and continually refresh our most popular picks, and add new varieties to spice up our selections.  We always have the best quality floral foam and real moss in stock to create one of a kind arrangements using succulents and blooms.  Whether you select an old wooden trough, or a crisp ceramic planter, we can create fantastic, ever-green groupings tailored to your plant picks.     
Our big, beautiful trees get as tall as ten feet - and can be placed in planters, or baskets for a real, planted look. 
 From snake plants to faux protea, there are hundreds of varieties of tabletop sized plantings.
Schefelieria trees make great fillers for the corners of rooms - their wide, branching leaves filter the light wonderfully.  
Low succulent arrangements work well for dining and coffee tables, adding color and texture without obstructing views.
Bougainvillea stems and bushes have been a wonderful surprise - they are so intensely real looking, we are continually surprised - no thorns!  We get huge, wildly ranging bushes and individual stems of our popular bougies - love that we can bring this intense color inside now! 
We really enjoy the color and life that faux plants can bring to any room in the house.  While we all love real plants the most, there are many great reasons to go faux.  From that dark corner where nothing will grow, to high shelves not reachable by watering cans, to second homes that still need some fresh greenery - don't be afraid to bring a little faux home! 

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