Unique Furniture From Around the World

Are you looking for something unique and interesting to make your home truly your own?  Do you want to stand out from all the carbon copy homes that line every lane in most of our communities?  We are here to help you find pieces that make your rooms sing with personality.  Here in Scottsdale, Tierra Del Lagarto has been directly importing unique furniture and home accessories for more than three decades.  Our finds have style and story - and are ready to help you create the unique home of your dreams.  

If you are new to the Valley, or ready to embark upon a remodeling project at home - the search for unique furnishings can be daunting. There are endless "normal" furniture stores out there - but finding something outside of the grey box popularized by chain stores and model homes is a challenge. Since 1991 we have been known as a haven for those looking for off the beaten track pieces for their home.

Unique furniture and home accessories not only help your home not look like every cookie cutter place up and down the block, but they bring story and substance to your life. One of the calling cards of unique style is provenance and history. We source our goods directly from artisans and vintage collectors all over the world. Not only will you find something useful and well made in our shop, but we can tell you about the village where it was created, the artisan tradition in it's design, or the story behind it's longevity in the collector's circle.

Whether it's a unique sideboard for under the tv, bookshelves for display, a dramatic bed, or a stunning architectural piece to hang on the wall - we have ideas and interesting pieces for every room in the house.  

We also specialize in vintage and antique architectural elements.  To truly make your home unique, consider using a pair of old teak doors in your remodeling project.  As entree to a bedroom, or as courtyard gates, old doors can give even the newest construction a weight and feeling of history that is often missing in our modern lives.

Come see us and let us help you create a home as unique as you are.