Kilim Ottomans - How to Use these One of a Kind Treasures in your Home

For the last few years we have been going beyond our stockpiled treasure trove of kilim pillows, and started having coffee table ottomans made with vintage Turkish and Moroccan rugs. 
When working with our carpet dealers in either country, we start off by looking through stacks of literally thousands of beautiful old rugs and select those that work well as ottomans.  We feel that soft colors, and simple patterns pair well with modern to old world interiors without competing with the rest of a room's attributes.  With the right kilim ottoman, one can still have a rug under foot, as long as they don't fight each other with too much movement or competing colors.  Imagine a simple, creamy Moroccan Beni Ourain carpet, for example, with the traditional Turkish flat weave ottoman shown above.  What a stunning combo that would be! 
Even carpets with low pile can be used for coffee table ottomans.  The vintage Moroccan carpet above with hand worked moucharabieh base has a lovely feel with short fibres that still allow trays to lay flat.  The unexpected texture adds another lovely layer to the design.  
One of the best things about kilim ottomans is that they allow for extra seating, and for a place for the whole family to put up their feet.  To make them functional as coffee tables, simply add an oversized tray.  We love these big rattan ones, but a copper or silver tea tray from Morocco works great too, as do our gorgeous bone inlay trays from India!  
For smaller spaces consider using a bench depth ottoman.  We have these made for end of beds, and for narrower rooms where space is at a premium.  Smaller spaces need not be utilitarian.  Spice things up with a bold kilim or carpet coffee table! 
Bring color, texture and story to your living room with a vintage rug elevated to a starring role as a fresh new alternative to the same old coffee table.    

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