Welcome to TDL’s Online Store Launch!

I can't believe we have finally gotten here - the day has actually come! We have been working on this online store launch for well over a year now. With our crazy buying trip travel schedule, and the daily insanity of running our brick and mortar shop in Scottsdale, the delay was almost entirely our doing - but truthfully, it takes a long time to iron out an online design and concept for a business like ours.  While TDL has been a successful shop for over 28 years, we have never really tried in earnest  to sell anything on the internet.  Over the years, however, we have met so many new, interesting souls far and wide that have expressed a desire to see an offering of our finds online that we though we just had to try and put something out there. 

TDL online store launch

The sales counter at our brick and mortar location in Scottsdale - the front of an old house we bought in India and had retrofitted into our HQ 


Translating a mom and pop shop - which we truly are! (hi!  I am Meg, your guide here for much of the journey - aka "the daughter") - is a challenge though.  We want you all to have a personal experience when shopping with us - whether Linda (my mom) is following you out to your car with a purchase here in Scottsdale, still telling the story of where we unearthed your new treasure - or if you found us from a search online and just had to have a passel of new pillows for your pad!  We want to answer your questions - engage with you all - and help bring all the funky corners of the world home to you! 


early trips - online store launch

A photo of me and Linda on one of our first Morocco buying trips - maybe 1996?


I am hoping to keep the dialog open - please let us know what you want to see here - what pieces you may see on our Instagram or Facebook pages, that you want to see here in the online shop.  The launch of our online store has provided lots of easy ways to communicate with us - send an email, click through to follow us, give us a call - we are all waiting to hear from you! We are striving to get actual furniture pieces on the site soon too.  They will be here for you to peruse - and to send inquiries so that we can get you shipping quotes. 


Vintage cars and a cart full of our popular old wood niche mirrors in India

I hope you enjoy this new online launch of Tierra Del Lagarto - I am still pinching myself that it is actually ready to show you all!  Endless thanks to our dear friends at Found It - Crystal Gaskin and her team are creative, hard working, patient geniuses.  Also to Ryan Trayte of Saywells Design in Tucson that brought my clickable map vision to life - its just amazing - thank you so much!  We are so grateful to everyone who helped bring our new baby to life!   

artwork for online store launch

Our custom, navigable map of our favorite sourcing destinations - created with Saywells Design - so amazed that it went from one of Ryan's posts of a vintage book he found in Tucson - to my crappy little sketches - to this beauty!  Thank you Ryan! 

  sketches for online store launch

The inspiration image from Ryan - and my first late night sketch

And yes - check out that date on the image above - August 15th!  That is not 2019, people - it was 2018!  Thank you Crystal and Ryan for all your patience with us!!  


Check out Crystal's work at Found It Digital here:


And Ryan's beautiful design work here:


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Congrats Meg!
A huge undertaking for sure, but worth the wait. Walking the aisles of your shop always makes me feel like I’ve escaped to one of the exotic destinations that you and your Mom travel to. As you mentioned, there is nothing better than learning about our new found treasures from you or Linda. I’m so glad I’m local and can just pop in, but it will be fun to read about pieces you’ve brought back to share, online. By the way, your sketches are so charming…you should frame them 💕

Beth Whiteley November 06, 2019
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