Website dreams way back in 2018

It's been awhile....  computers don't usually lie and this one says my last blog post was August 29th 2016.  Yep - a long time indeed!  Well, modern times are making it clear that it is finally time to update our website and get ourselves into an online shop in earnest.  That means a lot of behind the scenes hustling for us here at TDL - and in a few months a fresh, new, and shoppable website for you! 

I have been meaning to get back to the blogging world and share a little more about us online.  It just so happens that our web-builder says it is one of the best things to do for creating searchable content for a website.  Somehow I always thought of it as more of a vanity project - and almost felt guilty about taking the time to write - which is something I actually enjoy doing.  This new site is giving me the permission to get back into it - I am truly happy about it - but also a little daunted.  I made a long list of blog post ideas about travel, interior design, and antique and unusual items we find around the world that I thought it would be fun to write about.  But what I would really like to know is what you would like to read about!  Please write here in the comments or on our Instagram what interests you - and I will get cracking on some new posts!  

Our new website will most likely not be ready until springtime - but it will be worth the wait!  We have a pretty new map that a fabulous graphic designer in Tucson is working on for us - and a crack team of designers ironing out the logistics of the online shop for us here in Phoenix.  Please let me know if there is anything that you are dying to see represented in the online shop - or in the pages of the website.  


We are so thankful for all of you following along after all these years!  In 2019 the store will 28 years old!  Seems like a good year for a little refresh in our online world!  


Above:  Me wishing I could fast forward to when this whole website building project was finished!!  Ha!  Taken in Jodhpur at the fabulous Raas Haveli

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