Living in Tierra Del Lagarto...

In the store I am always getting the question, "So does your house look like this??"  While most of the time it comes across as - 'ooo cool' - sometimes I think it might mean - 'yikes - what the heck could that be!' 

I thought I would share a little of what my own living room looks like so you all can get an idea of what "this!" looks like in a real home. 

A few years back my husband and I bought a real fixer upper - a 1930's two story home in North Central Phoenix that was originally nestled in orange groves and farmland just outside the city.  Over the decades the house took on a Spanish Colonial look, complete with a tile roof and even a little rotunda entry.  We fell in love, or at least I did - knowing it would be a great home for our TDL treasures

While the fixer-upping hasn't exactly gotten past a lot of wishful thinking, the house has certainly warmed to our eclectic taste.  Hanging chairs from Bali, Kashmiri window screens, a number of Moroccan lanterns, countless tassels and textiles - so far much of what I've thrown at it has stuck.

We are starting to renovate the kitchen, have done a few bedrooms, a bath and part of the guest house -- but there is a lot left to do.  I'll try to share a little of it as we go along! 

In future posts I will share about my mom's incredible house too - that is the real gem of TDL - wait til you all see! 

Living in Tierra Del Lagarto

Right at the entry - a wooden goat from India wrapped in giant tesbih beads from Turkey.  An antique Kashmiri window screen filters the morning light.  

Living in Tierra Del Lagarto...

 Our always a bit disheveled living room - complete with Poppy, one of our rescue pups, Moroccan poofs, a Tuareg mat, hanging chairs from Bali, our big antique glass bookshelf from India, and a lot of Turkish and Uzbek pillows. Living in Tierra Del Lagarto...

The unfinished fireplace.  I took down some old, weird faux stone that was there when we bought the place - and have yet to decide on a tile for the facade.  The Moroccan encaustic tile propped up there we have ruled out as too busy --- I think...

Living in Tierra Del Lagarto...


The hanging chairs in a nook by the far window in the living room.  I think someday I may hang the left chair on the other side of the fireplace and do a banquette here -- but who knows -- can't stop coming up with ideas - that is one problem with this business! 

Living in Tierra Del Lagarto...

The front from the outside.  We've at least done the front patio!  It was scrubby peeling concrete with no decorative walls or plants when we moved it.  It's coming along slowly but surely!   

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Hi, I’m a latecomer to your blog, obviously. Did you show more of your house later and your mom’s? I love your shop and am looking at some lamps on it. It’s so fun to see your house. I will explore your blog more later, I’m off to work (I’m a nurse) so Merry Christmas, hope all is well in your world. I live in Texas.

Peggy Lawler January 13, 2021
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