Indian Antiques: Favorite Finds off our First Container from Rajasthan

Antique Indian oxen cart
An antique temple cart with a pair of wooden oxen, and piles of vintage block prints.
As 2023 draws to a close I am starting to look ahead to a New Year's resolution I have of writing more blog posts!  I thought it might be fun to share a little here about shipments as they come in, and what trips they came from. 
We received a fantastic container from our September India trip right before Christmas this year, the last of the year!  
We buy from a number of vendors in Jodhpur, in the far north west state of Rajasthan, each year.  There are seemingly endless collections of goods from all over the subcontinent in Jodhpur.  People come from all over India to find buyers for their goods, or to sell estates worth of antiques in Jodhpur.  For newly made goods, the wealth of talented craftspeople and artisans is unmatched anywhere else in the world.  The best carvers, carpenters, iron workers, and more are all concentrated in this once small dusty town - that is now a thriving mini-metropolis.  The climate of Rajasthan really helps us out here in Arizona too, as the wood is well seasoned to extreme temperature and our bone dry air.
Linda with stacks of old teak boxes, and a big takhat coffee table we bought.
The market gate in the Old City of Jodhpur.
One of the teak benches we just received!
A buffet we had made from a pair of old Indian doors we had cut in two - forming a four door piece perfect for an entertainment cabinet, or dining room serving area.
A bench made from an old oxen cart.
Our friend Elizabeth walking in the Old City.
Some of the goodies we just recieved! 
A balloon seller in the Old City of Jodhpur. 
Red lacquer tikka boxes we just received - some have traces of their old vermillion powder within.
Vintage brass rose water bottles.
A sideboard made from an old Majuce cabinet.
The Old City of Jodhpur.

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