Embroidered Silk Phulkari Bagh Pillow

From India

This gorgeous silk pillow is made from a hand embroidered, vintage textile called a phulkari, from Punjab, in India.  Phulkari translates to "flower work" - these textiles are traditionally shawls worn with the choli, (top) and gaghra, (skirt) to form a lovely and practical daily outfit.

 An all-over embroidered phulkari, like the origin piece of these pillows, is called a bagh - which means "garden."  These are prized possessions, which commonly take years to complete, and would become part of a woman's trousseau upon marriage. 

When we find these pieces with damage, it is the only time we would ever have them cut to become pillows.  We were able only to get a few pillows from this exquisite phulkari, and they are to be treasured by whomever gets to take them home.  Given pride of place, this pillow is a work of art, a reminder of the incredible skill of woman artisans, and a beautiful piece of history.  

Slight variation and wear is normal in this kind of vintage textile.  Dry clean only.  

22" x 14"

Down insert sold separately - we recommend an 18" x 25" down insert for this pillow.  

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